Incinerators Vending

Ozone treatment in swimming pools harnesses ozone’s powerful disinfection properties, effectively eliminating contaminants, reducing chlorine reliance, and ultimately enhancing water safety, clarity, and eco-friendliness.

Benefits in Incinerators Vending

Immediate access Everywhere

Instantly accessible napkins, conveniently available wherever you need, ensuring ease all around.

Solution to Dispose Sanitary Napkins

Efficient and discreet disposal solution for sanitary napkins, promoting cleanliness and hygiene.

Multi Coin Mechanism

Accepts all country coins and Programmable for various coin denominations with multiple inserts of the same coin to vend a napkin

Low Power

All our models consume reduced power, which in turn leads to increased money savings on electricity bill

No Embarrassment for Seeking Napkin

Eliminate any discomfort in obtaining napkins – our solution ensures a stigma-free experience.

Unique Design

Classic look, Compact in size, Wall mountable, User-friendly and Aesthetically pleasing which does not require any sort of maintenance

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Incinerators Vending Products

Napkin Vending Machine

 The sanitary napkins can be easily loaded into the NapiVend and it requires very low maintenance. The highlight of this product is that it does not require an operator for daily use of the machine.

Napkin Burning Machine

Material design is rigid, long life, easy handing, light weight, less breakable, safe and easy to use enclosure.All our models are lighter and more compact, easy to operate, with more functionality benefits

Installation Success Stories

Explore our collection of enlightening installation success stories, exemplifying impactful product implementation
in various diverse settings and environments.

“Nurturing Greener, Healthier and Happier World”

Why Choose Faraday?

Faraday delivers customized ozone solutions for your laundry needs. Explore our range of diverse ozone generator capacities and premium accessories, all backed by our extensive global laundry expertise. With a strong presence in the Middle East (Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Dubai), we guarantee a top-notch selection that transforms laundry operations.

Product Certifications

Our Esteemed Clients

User Oriented Design

Self-Explanatory User Interface & Live Data monitor.

Superior Zeolite Sieve Bed

Higher oxygen purity levels with lithium-based sieve bed.

Purity & Service Indicator

 The indicator beeps when the machine needs a service.

Unbreakable Flow Meter

Toughened, damage-free humidifier and flow meter.

50+ Global Presence Worldwide

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