Chemical Free Swimming Pool

Discover the joy of a chemical-free pool, where natural water purity and
skin comfort redefine your swimming experience.

Chemical Free Swimming Pool

Discover the joy of a chemical-free pool, where natural water purity and skin comfort redefine your swimming experience.


Ozone treatment significantly transforms educational swimming pools, revolutionizing water quality, sustainability, and safety, and creating an optimal aquatic environment for students and staff. This innovative approach underscores a strong commitment to student well-being and eco-friendly practices, setting a pioneering standard for modern aquatic facilities.

Ozone treatment in educational swimming pools minimizes harmful pathogens, promoting a safer aquatic environment for students and staff.
Ozone’s remarkable effectiveness allows for lower chemical use, safeguarding swimmers from potential skin and respiratory irritants.
Ozone treatment aligns with sustainability goals, as it decreases the pool’s environmental impact by decreasing chemical usage and byproducts.
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Pool Benefits of Ozone Treatment

No Eye Irritation

Ozone-treated pools offer a soothing swim, free from chlorine-induced eye irritation, for a clear and enjoyable water experience.

Reduced Maintenance

Ozone treatment cuts maintenance efforts by curbing algae and chemical usage in pools, granting you more leisure and less upkeep.

Chemical Reduction

Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating experience of a low-chemical pool, ensuring health, enjoyment, and positive environmental well-being.

No Allergy

Dive into ozone-treated pools, where allergen-minimized waters ensure a revitalizing and worry-free swim bliss.

Crystal Clear Water

Ozone-treated pools offer irresistibly crystal-clear waters, inviting the ultimate in refreshing, tranquil relaxation and enjoyment.

Odor Reduction

Revitalized by ozone, pools eliminate odors effectively, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable swimming experience for everyone.

Ozone Injection in Pool

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Products Overview

A Series Ozone Generator

Compact, cost-effective ozone generator producing up to 20 gm/hr, with an integrated oil-free compressor for effortless ozone gas production.

L Series Ozone Generator

Crafted for industrial excellence, this system generates ozone using external oxygen or dry air, ideal for applications up to 300 gm/hr.

M Series Ozone Generator

Advanced systems for high ozone concentrations, with built-in oxygen modules, safety features, producing up to 200 gm/hr.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ozone’s role in swimming pool treatment?

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant used to clean pool water. It’s generated on-site and kills bacteria, viruses, and contaminants by breaking them down.

Can ozone replace chlorine in pools?

Ozone is often used alongside lower chlorine levels to enhance water treatment. It’s not a standalone sanitizer but improves overall water quality.

Are there safety precautions for using ozone?

Ozone gas is harmful to inhale. Proper ventilation and monitoring are crucial to prevent exposure. Following guidelines and regulations is vital for safe installation and maintenance.

Why use ozone in pools?

Ozone improves water quality by reducing microorganisms, clearing the water, and decreasing the need for strong chemicals. It’s a safer alternative and reduces irritation.

How is ozone added to pool water?

Ozone is created by an ozone generator and added to pool water through a special system. It breaks down contaminants, but its short lifespan requires continuous generation.

Can ozone handle pool water’s heavy use?

Ozone effectively treats pool water even under heavy usage. Regular ozone treatment ensures continuous water purification, maintaining safe and clean conditions.

Effective Disinfection

Eliminates bacteria, viruses, pathogens, ensuring safer, healthier swimming environment.

Minimized Maintenance

With reduced chemical fluctuations, pool filters require less maintenance attention.

Chlorine Reduction

Removes chlorine odors, creating pleasant, refreshing swimming atmosphere.

Economical Operation

Cost-effective ozone treatment reduces chemicals, maintenance, boosting equipment lifespan.

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