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50 Applications for 20 Industries

Faraday Ozone has tailored best-practice technologies to meet industry-specific requirements, offering customisable solutions that cater to the unique needs of each business.

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In partnership with our partners, we have supported over 50,000 businesses, encompassing both large enterprises and small establishments, serving across multiple industries.

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Ozone Generator L-Series

The produced ozone is then used for water and air treatment. Ozone is produced by ozone generator on-site and it is completely safe for the disinfection process.

Industrial Oxygen

OXI-series is a industrial oxygen concentrator which generates oxygen gas. It uses ambient air to deliver continuous and concentrated flow of oxygen across different applications.

Trusted by global businesses since 1996

Established in 1996, We design and manufacture Ozone Generator for air purification, water and waste water treatment systems, Electrical Incinerator and Vending Machine and its Accessories. We also takes selective projects, on complete water and waste water treatment. Faraday will continuously improve the products through technology innovation for “The World We Care”

Innovative Ozone Products

Faraday is on the constant quest for novel solutions, making strategies and innovations to fight for various social needs including of air and water using Ozone Technology. We are most successful in delivering ozone treatment system that fits our customer needs, which bring satisfaction & evoke inspiration that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Ozone Applications

We have good expertise in all ozone applications such as Drinking water treatment, Air treatment, Waste water treatment, Swimming pools, Water parks, Spa, Laundry, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Poultry, Food processing, Grain treatment, Livestock, Cooling tower, Cold storage, Kitchen duct etc.

Cold Storage
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Ozone can be used to disinfect and sanitize the surfaces and air in cold storage facilities. This helps prevent the growth of mold & bacteria.

Waste Water Treatment
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The ozone treatment revolutionizes wastewater purification, minimizing pollution, and fostering sustainable water management practices.

Food Processing
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Ozone effective at killing bacteria, viruses, molds, &yeast. It can be used to sterilize food products, processing equipment, and packaging materials.

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Our valuable customers are sharing their experience about our products and our services. With their valuable feedback this world comes to know about Faraday’s Strength which gives us pleasure for our future innovations and growth of our organization. To make our valuable customers happy we develop customized projects based on the customer needs.

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Trusted by global businesses since 1996

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