Faraday Ozone’s OxyMo

Self-contained Mobile Oxygen Concentrator

Built-in for present-day demands, OxyMo is a robust, fail-safe reliable medical-grade oxygen contractor with advanced features that deliver high-level oxygen purity.

Micro processor Controlled System

Recognizes and accepts digital signals, ensuring optimum performance for an extended period.

Long lasting Compressor

Noiseless, oil-free, lightweight inbuilt air compressor achieves higher oxygen purity levels at a low cost.

Real-time Oxygen Monitor

Advanced pressure sensor and ultrasonic oxygen sensor monitors pressure, oxygen flow, and purity.

Three-stage Air Filtration

Inbuilt primary air filter, HEPA filter & bacterial filter ensure unadulterated air inflow for higher oxygen purity.

Oxygen purity level 93%±3%%

Robust Oxygen system with a User-friendly interface.

Smart Display

Get access to real-time data, monitor oxygen purity & outflow, and take account of cumulative working hours.

Oxygen Purity Alarm

When there is a decrease in oxygen purity, the machine automatically alerts with an audio & visual alarm.

Rapid PSA Technology

Attain the highest oxygen purity level (93%±3%) with PSA technology in a cost-cutting & energy-saving manner.

Compact & Sturdy

The sleek, lightweight metal finish enclosure is easy to move, safe, durable, and toughened.

Durable Metal Cannula

Metal finish cannula connector warrants unwavering optimum oxygen output and is long-term durable.

Energy Efficient

Low power consumption and low heat emittance compared to other models in the market.

Technical Specifications
Model OxyMo-5 OxyMo-10
Oxygen Flow5 LPM10 LPM
Input Power230 V AC, 50 Hz230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power Consumption400 W700 W
Oxygen Purity 90 – 96% 90 – 96%
Sound Level< 48 db< 48 db
Dimension (LxWXH)380 x 350 x 575 mm390 x 380 x 600 mm
Weight 24 kg 30 kg
Purity IndicationNormal, Low, Very LowNormal, Low, Very Low

Frequently Asked Questions

Faraday’s Oxygen Concentrator enables real-time oxygen monitoring and assures the highest oxygen purity levels (93%±3%) with a lithium-based molecular sieve & highly efficient compressor.
The oxygen concentrator utilizes PSA technology, separates oxygen from the air with the highest purity, and delivers it to the user through the metal cannula.
Faraday’s oxygen concentrator has a side door that allows easy maintenance, and low purity indicator/alarm calls for maintenance service. Cleaning the primary filter every two weeks and replacing them every six months is mandatory. Monitoring the HEPA filter every month and replacing it after 2000 working hours is essential. Replace the lithium-based sieve bed after every 10000 to 12000 working hours. Maintain proper ventilation & temperature in the room for effective machine functioning.
There are three indicators to monitor oxygen purity levels. The green light indicates normal purity levels, the yellow light indicates low purity levels, and the red light alerts very low oxygen purity levels. The machine needs a service check when the sound alarm alerts low purity levels.
Air purification before compression with three-stage filtration technology – primary filter, HEPA filter, and bacteria filter removes VOCs, odors, dust, germs, and bacteria, even particles small as 0.3 microns.
In addition to the product, avail 3 types of nasal cannulae and toughened humidifier bottles.

Trusted Customer Partnerships

User Oriented Design

Self-Explanatory User Interface & Live Data monitor.

Superior Zeolite Sieve Bed

Higher oxygen purity levels with lithium-based sieve bed.

Purity & Service Indicator

 The indicator beeps when the machine needs a service.

Unbreakable Flow Meter

Toughened, damage-free humidifier and flow meter.

Installation and Service Support

Faraday’s expert service team follows customer-friendly practices, works around the clock, provides solutions to service-related issues, and delivers support for installation and after-sales service across India. AMC service is valid for Indian customers.






Expert Service Engineers


Product Installations

​Extended Warranty Upto 1 Year

Our PSA technology-based oxygen concentrator is well-equipped with a sturdy metal enclosure, a high-grade compressor, durable filters, and an advanced, user-friendly interface, which is highly reliable in the long run with proper maintenance.
We provide one year warranty period for the machine; replace the filters as mentioned in the product manual. Customers can enroll an AMC with us for services after the warranty period.

Product Certifications

Most trusted brand across the globe with a footprint in 50-plus nations.

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