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Venturi Injector

Faraday manufactures Venturi Injectors in engineering’s Stainless Steel for various ozone applications and other uses .

No moving parts

 No moving parts, low maintenance, trouble free operation

Unique design

Unique design allows maximum cavitation in the injection chamber, thereby providing instantaneous mixing, low initial and installation cost

High temperature stability

Made of engineering thermoplastics with superior strength, high temperature stability

Chemical resistance

Excellent chemical resistance to most of the chemicals


INJ25 and INJ38

Faraday manufactures Venturi Injectors in engineerings Stainless Steel for various ozone applications and other uses where liquid and gas mixing is necessary. We have 2 models, 1 inch and 1.5 inch Venutri Injectors.

Venturi Injectors work by forcing water through a conical body, which initiates a pressure differential between the inlet and outlet ports. This creates a vacuum inside the injector body, which initiates ozone suction through the suction port. This ozone venturi is excellent for ozone mass transfer. Molded Stainless Steel and rugged construction ensure years of life. Ozone suction port quickly transfers ozone gas into water stream under pressure.

Venturi Injector

High temperature stability venturi


Plasma sterilization cycles are generally faster compared to other low-temperature sterilization methods like ethylene oxide (EtO)


Plasma sterilization is highly effective in eliminating a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

Long life

Plasma sterilization processes have lower toxicity compared to some other chemical sterilization methods, enhancing safety for both patients and healthcare workers.

High voltage output

Many plasma sterilizers are equipped with monitoring and documentation systems that provide detailed information on the sterilization process, ensuring quality control

Technical Specifications

MaterialStainless Steel 316Stainless Steel 316
Connection1 inch1.5 inch
Length165 mm280 mm
Weight165 mm165 mm
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