Ozone in Laundry

Ozone washing increases fabric life, reduces natural gas, energy costs,
faster fill rates, shorter wash cycles and even shorter drying times.

Ozone in Laundry

Ozone washing increases fabric life, reduces natural gas, energy costs,
faster fill rates, shorter wash cycles and even shorter drying times.


Ozone laundry is an innovative cleaning method that utilizes ozone gas (O3) to enhance the laundry process. Ozone, a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms, is a powerful oxidizing agent that can effectively remove stains, odors, and pathogens from fabrics. This technology has gained popularity in commercial and industrial laundry settings due to its efficiency, energy-saving capabilities, and environmental benefits.

Enhanced Stain Removal: Ozone’s powerful oxidation can help remove various types of stains, including organic stains like blood, grass, and food, as well as certain oil-based stains.
Oxidative Cleaning: Ozone’s oxidative properties break down organic and inorganic contaminants through a process called oxidation. This results in the effective removal of dirt, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and even some stubborn stains.
Reduced Hot Water Usage: One of the significant advantages of ozone laundry is its ability to clean effectively at lower water temperatures. This reduces the reliance on hot water, leading to energy savings and lower operational costs.

Laundry Benefits of Ozone Treatment

Shorter Wash Cycles

Ozone allows for shorter laundry cycles, increasing laundry efficiency and turnaround times, which is crucial for the hospitality industry.

Huge electricity savings

Ozone systems often work at lower water temperatures, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Superior Disinfection

Ozone effectively disinfects linens, towels, and other textiles, ensuring they are free from harmful pathogens and allergens.

Water and detergent savings

Ozone’s effectiveness in removing detergent residue ensures that linens and textiles are thoroughly rinsed, reduces additional rinse cycles.

Improved Linen Quality

Linens treated with ozone maintain their quality, color, and softness, providing a more luxurious experience for guests.

Odor Elimination

Ozone effectively removes odors from linens, ensuring fresh-smelling bedding and towels for guests.

Ozone Injection in Laundry

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ozone laundry work?

Ozone gas is generated and injected into the washing machine during the wash cycle. Ozone molecules break down and react with stains, soils, and bacteria, oxidizing and removing them from fabrics. This process is particularly effective for eliminating odors and disinfecting laundry.

What are the benefits of using ozone in laundry?

Ozone laundry offers several advantages, including reduced reliance on hot water and detergents, shorter wash cycles, energy savings, improved stain removal, and better disinfection of fabrics. It’s also considered more environmentally friendly due to reduced chemical usage.

Does ozone laundry save energy?

Yes, ozone laundry can save energy since it reduces the need for hot water in the washing process. Ozone’s oxidizing properties allow for effective cleaning at lower water temperatures, leading to energy savings and lower utility bills.

Can ozone laundry remove allergens from fabrics?

Yes, ozone laundry has the potential to remove allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and pollen from fabrics. The oxidizing properties of ozone can break down these allergens, providing a more allergy-friendly environment.

Is ozone laundry safe for fabrics?

Ozone laundry is generally safe for most fabrics. However, some delicate fabrics or items with specific care instructions may not be suitable for ozone treatment. It’s important to test ozone treatment on a small area of the fabric before using it extensively.

Can ozone laundry kill bacteria and viruses?

Yes, ozone laundry has the ability to disinfect fabrics by killing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Ozone’s oxidative properties break down the cell walls of these pathogens, rendering them inactive.

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